A strata property on the Gold Coast needing an administrative specialist will do well to hire a body corporate manager, Gold Coast. Managing a strata community and a large building on the Gold Coast is a demanding task that a body corporate manager, Gold Coast can ably assist with. Lot owners are freed from the various obligations and responsibilities when a body corporate manager acts on their behalf.

While a body corporate committee is formed with a large strata community, the day-to-day administrative tasks need the expertise of a body corporate manager. With this setup, the committee needs only the reports provided by a body corporate manager.

With this said, what, exactly, does a body corporate manager do every day?


Duties and Functions of a Body Corporate Manager


All tasks related to managing a property are the primary function and duty of a body corporate manager. This includes:

  • Enforcement of property by-laws
  • Communication
  • Managing legal and financial affairs
  • Record-keeping
  • Insurance

Ensuring that the entire strata scheme complies with all aspects of current industry regulations is the ultimate job role of a body corporate manager. It is, therefore, important for a strata committee to hire a body corporate manager with a solid background in financial, industry legislation, and property management.

The multiple areas that fall under the duties and functions of a body corporate manager include:


Information assets management

A great deal of paperwork and information is generated by corporate bodies. It is the function of a body corporate manager to carry out and manage informational assets, including:

  • Provide minutes of meetings to the body committee
  • Maintain registers and rolls of the body corporate including the details register of the owner
  • Issue Disclosure Statements to owners wanting to sell their lot
  • Prepare a notice of meetings and agendas for general and committee meetings
  • Issue notices of by-law contravention upon approval by the committee
  • Maintain all records of the corporate body

Physical assets management

The most obvious assets of a strata scheme are its physical assets. The building should need to be presented as a well-maintained place for investors and owners, ensuring happy and safe living for all. The tasks a body corporate manager handles in managing the physical assets of a strata scheme include:

  • Liaise with committee approval in dealing with emergency repairs and emergencies
  • Organise preventative maintenance, landscaping, and maintenance quotations to the committee for consideration.
  • Ensure timely and correct payment of tradespeople
  • Organise regular maintenance requests of the committee to contractors
  • Keep detailed documentation of all maintenance and repair work on the property

Manage people

Perhaps the most singular value of a body corporate manager is managing people. It is because the heart of a corporate community is with people. Disputes and tensions are likely to occur with close proximity living. It is the responsibility of a body corporate manager to impartially and fairly manage and maintain relationships between owners and residents.

Financial assets management

It is extremely important for a body corporate to keep its financial state in tip-top shape. Adequate funding is always needed for the excellent running of buildings. A body corporate manager manages the financial assets by:

  • Ensure a consistent and reliable cash flow by issuing and collecting levies
  • Manage sinking and administrative funds at adequate levels to cover potential expenses
  • Manage tax audits and returns
  • Ensure timely payments of body corporate invoices



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